Why do you need a Resole?

We believe the most sustainable product is the one you already own. At Duradero, we want our customers to get the most for their money. That means your work boots should last you a long time! When your boots are old and worn, send them back, and we'll RESOLE them for you as quickly as possible.

What is a Resole?
Every pair of Duradero work boots comes with a FREE RESOLE, including new soles, insoles, laces & reconditioned leather to double their value and lifespan.

Where can you get a Resole?
Click the link below and follow the steps & instructions to get a FREE RESOLE for your Duradero Boots.

Being an online retailer, we believe it should be easier to return than it is to buy! Whether you're getting a FREE RESOLE for your boots, have issues with the size/color, purchased two pairs to get the right fit, or don't like what you ordered - we've got your back!
We offer FREE Returns & Shipping Always!

Click the button below to start or if you are more comfortable on the phone, call us 24/7/365 at (925) 304-3540.

You can also email us