About Duradero

Having devoted our careers to designing, producing, selling, and repairing work boots for multinational brands, you could say that DURADERO was 45 years in the making. Call us old-fashioned, but we’re building boots with a genuine connection to the modern worker -- and we’re doing it without robotic responses, upselling gimmicks, and overhyped products. At DURADERO, we’ve stripped away the bureaucratic decision-making and obstacles to the consumer by channeling our knowledge to simply create a better work boot. We know that work boots are an investment that must hold up against all sorts of wear and tear. We DOUBLE YOUR INVESTMENT by offering a FREE RESOLE with every purchase. Hence, every pair of DURADERO work boots gives you “Twice the life.” As a direct-to-consumer brand, DURADERO combines old-school craftsmanship with modern convenience. The result is a sustainable, comfortable work boot that gets the job done and a “We Got Your Back” approach to customer service.

Contact Information

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