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Trade School: Is a Skilled Trade Career Worth Considering?

by Todd Stewardson 03 Oct 2023 0 Comments
Trade School: Is a Skilled Trade Career Worth Considering?

While a post-secondary education increases your chances of getting a well-paying job, recent trends have shown that it doesn't have to be a traditional 4-year college degree. The skilled trade workers shortage in the country has started to put a spotlight on Trade schools and skilled trade professions. 

To help bridge the shortage of skilled workers and promote the importance of trade professions, Duradero is committed to supporting Trade school education.  We want to support young students who want or are considering vocational education and a trade profession. 

In this post, we will explore trade school and why attending a trade school might be a good choice for your career. 

What is a Trade School? 

Trade school is a post-secondary institution that prepares students for entry-level roles in a specific field. Trade schools are also sometimes referred to as vocational schools or technical colleges. They provide a highly focused education and practical, hands-on training for a specific skilled trade.   

Trade school is essential in preparing the future workforce and teaching them safety practices that protect them. Our brand commitment is to expand our knowledge of trade school and vocational education, advocate for vocational education, and support trade students. 

There are different types of careers a trade school can prepare you for. Some of them include

  • Electrician  
  • HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) technician
  • Healthcare like medical or dental assistants, nurses, massage therapists, etc.
  • Construction
  • Carpentry 
  • Automotive 
  • Welding
  • Plumbing 
  • Cosmetology
  • Truck driving and so much more

There are different reasons why people choose to go to trade school. Some go to start earning earlier, to spend less time in school, or the relative affordability it offers. Some already know that a trade career is the best fit for them and want to start immediately. There is no one-size-fits-all reason why people choose to go to trade school. Just like traditional college degrees, everyone decides to go for different reasons. 

The Value and Benefits of Trade School

 What are the benefits of going for a vocational education? There are many advantages of going to a trade school. There are several benefits you stand to gain by attending a trade school. 

  • Preparation for immediate entry to a high-demand career

  • Remember the last time your car broke down and needed repair or when you needed to fix your house heating system? Have you ever wondered who fixes aircraft and ships, who does the plumbing and wiring of houses, or who constructs the buildings you see around? These jobs and many others are the work of trade professionals.  

    Trade jobs are in high demand, and the shortage of skilled trades professionals in the country is proof. Plumbers, electricians, nurses, cosmetologists, HVAC technicians, and other trade professionals are always in demand because not anyone can perform these jobs. These professions require specialized technical skills. 

    Therefore, trade school graduates can be sure they are being trained for high-demand careers. Students learn knowledge and skills they would need on the job, providing immediate entry into the field after graduation. 

  • Hands-on training and practical education specific to your chosen field

  • In the traditional college degree, students take classes in broad subjects and general education unrelated to their fields and majors. However, in Trade school, courses are tailored to a specific field, and students do not need to take classes outside their field. Students receive specialized training in one particular field. 

    Students spend less time in the classroom or with books and more in workshops and practical/hands-on training. You get skills you would need on the job and real-world experience on what the career looks like. 

  • Alternative for those who traditional post-secondary institutions don't appeal to

  • The traditional 4 year or 2-year college path is not for everyone, which is okay. It is one of the many paths to a successful life, career, and high-paying job. Trade school is another path for those who think a traditional college is not a good fit for them. 

    Unlike traditional colleges, trade schools do not have a high admission requirement. Most require a high school diploma. If you want a career as a skilled worker, you might not need to spend time and money getting a bachelor's degree and can go to a trade school instead. Despite popular beliefs, going to a trade school first doesn't stop you from pursuing a bachelor's degree or an advanced degree in the future if you want. 

  • Lower cost and less time spent in school

  • Trade schools take less time to complete because students are trained on skills specific to their field/ program. Typically, in post-secondary trade schools, there are no extracurricular activities or sports like in traditional colleges, and students mostly spend time getting the skills they need for a career. Most trade school programs take at most 2 years. Unlike a traditional college, which takes 4 to 7 years, some trade programs require as little as 4 weeks to get a certificate.

    A trade school diploma or certification costs less than a regular degree. The average cost of trade school ranges from $3863 to $16636. The average cost of a 4-year college degree ranges from $8300 to $29263. (Indeed)

  • High earning potential and job security

  • The trade profession has several high-paying jobs. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, some of the highest-paying trade jobs are Construction and Building Inspectors ($64,480), Elevators and Escalators Installers and Repairers ($99,000), Electricians ($60,240), Lines Installers and repairers ($82,340), etc. 

    Specific trade skills allow you to run your own business, which can increase your earning potential. 

    As trade professions are highly skill-specialized, they are less likely to be affected by recession and are always in demand. This gives trade school graduates more job stability and security than traditional college graduates. 

    If you are considering a trade school, there are a lot of factors to consider before choosing and committing to a trade school. The most important is to check the accreditation and licensing of the trade program you are going for. The Federal Trade Commission has a detailed article to help you. 

    Importance of Safety Boots in Trade School Environment

    Trade school practical training allows students to navigate real-world potential safety hazards and understand the safety guidelines and practices necessary to navigate safety hazards they may face in their careers.  

    Trade schools mainly focus on practical training and real-world experience. Therefore, safety guidelines are crucial to protect both instructors and students. As a trade school student, work boots protect your foot and overall health. Skilled trade workers are likely to spend long hours in their work boots and work in an environment where slips, trips, spills, and heavy equipment may pose a safety risk. 

    At Duradero, we understand a work boot is an essential personal protective equipment for your training and career as a trade professional. Our direct-to-consumer designed boots have features that keep your feet safe, protected, and comfortable. 

    We are service-oriented, and our boots have twice the life and value. For every boot you buy, there is a free resole. It takes commitment and sacrifice to get a vocational education, and providing you with a durable, long-lasting, comfortable work boot is our priority. When you use our boots and send them back for a free resole, you get to have your old friends back brand new and ready to work with you again. 


    A vocational education is a path to a successful career, and you should not be afraid to consider trade schools. Make sure to do your research and highlight your career goal to know if a trade school is suited for your goals. Visit trade schools and talk to graduates and professionals to understand the industry and how to go about it. 

    Duradero will continue to show our support for vocational education and will do our best to support trade school students. Follow Duradero on Instagram and  YouTube to stay updated, get informed on special offers, and more.


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