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Work Boot Shopping? Top 5 Features to Look for When Buying Work Boots

by Todd Stewardson 04 Aug 2023 0 Comments
Work Boot Shopping?

Work boots are now non-negotiable safety equipment to wear while working. Your feet are a very precious asset, and you need a work boot, but you don’t know the best work boot to get. This blog post will break down the complexity of choosing a perfect work boot. 

When buying work boots, there are certain features to look for that enable you to buy the best safety work boots and give you a great return on your investment. At the same time, these features vary depending on your industry and work environment. 

These are 5 essential features you should look out for when buying work boots that will help you pick the work boot your feet will thank you for. 

Safety features

Safety features in work boots are essential. You are probably thinking, “What is the difference between work boots and safety boots? Well, that’s all right because it is an age-long argument; the answer is straightforward. 

Work boots are rugged and sturdy footwear designed for various working environments, while safety work boots provide additional protection to protect your feet against specific hazards. In short, all safety boots are ideal for work settings, but not every work boot qualifies as a safety boot. 

Therefore, safety features are one thing to look out for when purchasing a work boot. Depending on your work environment, your ideal boot should have additional protection to protect your feet from specific hazards in your industry. Some of the features to look out for are

Shock Absorbing Features

If you are standing in those boots for long hours, you should certainly look out for shock absorbing features when buying your boots. A work boot with a shock absorbing outsole, midsole, and insole helps to absorb some of the force of impact your feet, ankles, knees, and lower back receive when hitting the ground. This also helps lessen the pressure on your joints and muscles. 

Water Resistance

Wearing a boot that is immediately water-logged in contact with water is uncomfortable and frustrating. Waterlogged boots cause smelly feet, blisters, and the boot gets ruined quickly. When buying work boots, you should look out for boots that have a high resistance to water and don’t get easily waterlogged. You can’t control the weather and work environment, but you can always wear water-resistant safety work boots. In addition, there are many water-repellent treatments for your leather boots.

Slip Resistant

Slips, trips, and falls can occur in work environments where floors are regularly covered with oils, water, and other fluids. But having a work boot with slip resistance will save you from those slips or falls that can get in the way of productivity or have you seeing a doctor.

Duradero work boots are designed with your safety in mind. Our boots have slip-resistant, oil-resistant, and shock-absorbing features. From our Steel Moc Toe boots to our Moc Toe boots, the materials, design, and soles were carefully chosen to provide additional protection to keep you safe while you work.   


You don’t want to wear uncomfortable boots all day and all week. Therefore, you want to buy the most comfortable safety work boots. Comfortable boots are always worth the investment. When purchasing a boot, ensure it has features that make it comfortable, especially for extended work hours.

Sizing and fitting are crucial. Too tight or too loose, or too small, or too big are boot problems you don’t want. They are uncomfortable and dangerous. If you stay in your work boots for long hours, you should get the right size and check for breathability and comfortability during extended wear. The comfortability of your work boot impacts your productivity, health, and overall well-being. 

At Duradero, we have put together a fit guide using our years of experience crafting work boots. Check it out here. Also, when you buy boots from Duradero and are unsure of your size, we encourage you by offering free shipping and free returns, to try two pairs, and you can send the one that doesn’t fit right back at no cost to you. 

Durability and Quality

The quality of the materials a work boot is made from determines its durability, functionality, and flexibility. Work boots are made from materials like leather, rubber, thermo-polyurethane, nylon mesh, and composite materials. 

High-quality materials that fit your work needs, are comfortable, and are long-lasting and should be one of the most important features of your ideal work boot.    

Weight and Mobility

Working while wearing a heavy boot is no pleasant experience.  Work boots should be lightweight as possible. 

A lightweight work boot improves your mobility and work performance.  Heavy boots can be bad for your knees, ankles, and joints. It also causes leg and back pains. When purchasing your work boots, how heavy or light the boot is should be factored into your decision. Duradero work boots are some of the lightest at 4.25 lbs. per pair.


It is important to note that safety and industry-standard techniques should come before style. However, with the rise of modern technologies, safe work boots that are also stylish are now available.  

When purchasing work boots, you can look for one that fits your style. That way, you get to rock your work boots in style. 

For optimal performance and overall well-being, you should consider safety features, comfort, durability and quality, weight and mobility, and style when choosing your work boots. 

Now that you know the features to look out for when buying work boots, head to our shop and explore our collections. Also, subscribe to our mailing list to get exclusive offers, updates of blog posts like this, and much more.

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