Are steel toe boots comfortable? Yes. Ours are.

Are steel toe boots comfortable? Yes. Ours are.

We want what you want. Your feet to feel comfortable from the moment you put your boots on until the moment you take them off. That’s why we design all our boots to be as supportive and comforting as possible especially our steel toe work boots. Are they rugged and durable? Extremely. Do they fight foot fatigue? They eliminate it. Do they provide lasting comfort, performance, and style? You know it.

We stand with you

Gravity is real. When you’re standing on your feet all day, your feet compress. Our steel toe boots are built to give you room when you need it. And it all begins with the last. Our experience in the industry taught us that comfort begins with a good fitting last. An old boot biz adage is “the last is first.” The last is the form a shoe or boot is molded around. To accomplish this task, we decided to start with the data.

How we developed our boot technology

We looked for an extensive historical database of foot measurements, and our search led us to The Department of Defense, which keeps foot measurements in all Armed Service branches from 1945-the present. By comparing countless measurements, profile shapes, toe widths, heel curves, and many other critical features, we landed on the ideal measurements to make a well-fitting and comfortable last that gives our customers the comfort required to be on their feet all day. At last, our custom steel toe last was born. Men’s work boots have never been the same since.

Maximum fit

We’ve designed our steel toe boots and steel toe shoes to fit full, with a wider toe box so your toes can spread out and feel some extra room. We also use a proprietary spherical footbed that provides better breathability and also allows air to transfer under the footbed to give you a better-cushioned fit that molds to your foot. The narrow-footed may find the extra room a bit too wide, but you never know until you’re standing in them.

Maximum protection

Our steel toe boots have been tested, verified, and certified by ASTM International to protect any wearer's feet. ASTM certification is the gold standard for steel-toe boots for determining the quality of construction and how effective steel toe boots are at protecting your feet. Our steel toe boots are EH-rated safety boots and have an Electrical Hazard (EH) rating for their ability to protect the wearer from an electrical shock.

Comfort you can stand in

Now your feet can rejoice in supremely comfortable steel toe work boots. Duradero men’s steel toe boots feel the way a pair of steel toe boots should. And the most comfortable steel toe boots are also the most sustainable. With Duradero boots, you get free resoling when you need it, and buying one less boot in your standard buying cycle significantly decreases your carbon footprint—a good plus and a great way to save.


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