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Sustainable work boots for every job

by Todd Stewardson 16 Jan 2023 0 Comments
Sustainable work boots for every job

Whatever industry you’re in, from construction and deliveries to farming and deep sea fishing, one piece of kit that’s absolutely essential is a comfortable steel toe work boot. In fact, certain occupations require you to wear them by law. When you consider the many dangerous, and sometimes deadly, hazards that you can come across every day, protecting your feet means protecting your livelihood.

But what exactly makes a truly great work boot? One that you can rely upon day in, day out, for years to come. Well, it all comes down to being built to tackle anything that can be thrown at it. And although you’ll face some dangers more often than others, wearing a pair of lightweight work boots that are designed to be tough, versatile, and provide premium protection in all weathers. So, let’s take a look at what the best work boots can handle with ease:

1) Slippery surfaces

Oil. Water. Paint. Grease. Highly-polished floors. You name it, a smooth and/or wet surface can be incredibly dangerous to negotiate. In 2020, slips, trips and falls accounted for 221,640 injuries and 805 deaths.[1] For this reason, Duradero work boots were specifically designed with a layering system that grips any work surface. It’s called “The Shock Absorbing Wedge Slip Resistant Outsole” and, coupled with ankle-high protection, it makes this leather work boot immune to slippery surfaces. 

2) Protrusions and sharp debris

Every job site is going to be littered with protruding objects and strewn with dangerously-sharp items like nails, screws, scrap metal, and glass. You need a safety work boot with a thick layered outsole; one that can handle those sharp objects with ease. And Duradero boots also come with a steel bar built into the base, giving you even more protection and peace of mind.

3) Uneven terrain and falling objects

Expect the unexpected. It’s why you wear safety hats on construction sites, and it’s why you need that very same protection for your feet. Duradero Moc Steel Toe Boots are built to withstand impacts from items that fall, as well as helping you negotiate uneven rough surfaces that inferior boots cannot handle. And they do it while providing maximum comfort. 

4) Maneuvering equipment

At some point you’re going to encounter some tough and dangerously-heavy equipment and appliance moves. And when you’re tasked with that job, you want to know your feet are protected. Once again, steel toe work boots are essential here. If the item slips or falls, your feet are protected by a steel barrier.

5) Electrical dangers

When you’re working around electricity, you’re dicing with a deadly foe. Electricity can cause severe burns, nerve damage, and even cardiac arrest. Your work boots need to be able to handle electrical dangers. Duradero’s sustainable work boots come with a long-wearing polyurethane outsole and a proprietary shock-absorbing orange midsole. It’s the perfect combination of shock absorption and comfortable cushioning.

And remember, the soul of a Duradero work boots is its replaceable sole.

As we all become more concerned with sustainability, having a work boot that’s not only top-of-the-line, but also built to last, is imperative. Every single pair of Duradero work boots come with a free resole and overhaul, meaning when your sole eventually needs to be replaced, you’ll get a new sole, insole, laces, and reconditioned leather on us. It’s like getting two pairs of boots for the price of one. Give Duradero boots a try today and discover why the best work boots you can buy are also the most comfortable. 

[1] National safety council

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