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Welcome to the Duradero Work Boots Blog

Each boot tells a story. This is ours.

by Todd Stewardson 28 Oct 2022 0 Comments
Each boot tells a story. This is ours.

The product team at Duradero has over 40 years of experience designing and manufacturing work boots. During that time, we worked very hard designing and developing work boots for other brands. We have spent extensive time considering what exactly makes an ideal work boot. Is it the design? Or the fit? Isn't every brand working towards making boots that look good and fit well? How could we be different? And that's when our journey to build the perfect work boot began. 

We extensively researched the market to find the answer and discovered our "earned secret." The perfect work boot would only be perfect when it's been used to its absolute potential. And even when you think it's time to buy new boots, it's sole is brought back to life! 

So, we focused on building boots that catch your attention and make you feel safe. Boots that comfort you after a long day and encourage you to discover what you're truly capable of. Duradero footwear isn't just a boot; it's much more than that. It's a companion who supports you in everything that you do. It's a companion that cheers for you at any job and stays with you even longer. 

But how do you distinguish between boots designed for you and boots designed based on features? 

Let us help you with that. 

Every Duradero work boot goes through a rigorous process. We know the rough usage your work boots go through every day, especially when they are required to be on rugged surfaces or carrying out heavy duties. To limit the damage at work (small-scale or large-scale), our craftsman adds several layers to protect you from potential hazards. From design to construction to manufacturing, we make boots that work for serious work. 

Here's how we design:

  1. Boots that come with a built-in second life

The first step is crucial for the end result. When we first started, we didn't want to just sell boots; we wanted to build a brand that evokes a feeling that when you slip into your boots, every moment feels just as exciting as your first. That should be the case for the entire life of your boots. With that in mind, we designed it so that your boots can be REBUILT by simply refitting a new outsole, insole, laces, reconditioned leather, and minor stitching repairs! 

  1. More room for your toes 

Here we move towards our second step, the fitting of the boots. Having been in the footwear industry for 40+ years, we've learned that many people wear boots that are too short for their feet. That's why Duradero boots are True-to-size in length and width, with a full-toe shape. They are designed with a roomier toe box that won't leave your feet aching at the end of the day. 

  1. The orange midsole 

As Duradero work boots are built from the ground up, the midsole is critical in resoling. While most midsoles are made with leather, we focus on making the best possible design providing comfort and ultimate resole-ability. We utilize a proprietary, long-lasting, and shock-absorbing material explicitly designed for resoling and providing additional shock absorption.

  1. Goodyear Welt Durability

Duradero Goodyear Welt Construction repels water and embraces the ground. The Goodyear storm welt creates a tight seal to prevent water from getting into the shoe, making it durable footwear to withstand harsh conditions! But that's not the only durability test our boots have gone through. In terms of material, if you've owned both shoes made of synthetic materials and leather, you'll instantly know the difference. Leather shoes last for many years. With the Goodyear welt, the upper is secured to the sole with double lock stitches to ensure that if one stitch breaks, it won't unravel the rest of the seam. They can also be resoled and repaired quickly, adding years to the life of your boots. 

Finishing touch

Two friends. One unfinished business. Today, a leading footwear brand! That's the snippet of our brand. The whole picture? It's yet to be seen! Listed above are our crucial design points that have been integrated to give you a pair that never stops building your identity! Our Moc Steel Toe Boot & Non-Steel Moc Toe Boots come in two gorgeous shades accompanied by hats and a short sleeve tee! Head to for more information. 

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