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The purpose of work boots

by Todd Stewardson 07 Nov 2022 0 Comments
The Purpose Of Work Boots

We know that every job requires a certain type of shoe. But when it comes to manual labor, in many instances, it is mandatory to wear the kind of safety boots that can be adapted to any working environment. In these industries, injuries to feet are common. Workers' feet are exposed to hazards such as falling objects, bumps, grazes, punctures, sprains, falls, etc. As someone who is expected to carry out and monitor several operations, everyone's feet must be well protected. 

Duradero's product team rigorously works toward building a work boot that helps you build better. No matter the working conditions, they meticulously find what's possible and get it done. This work ethic has inspired us, and today, you can see 40 years of design and manufacturing experience in some hot picks- steel toe boots and non-steel toe boots. 

But how can you be sure these boots are safe? 

Let us walk you through it. 

Safety Work Boot Essentials:

  • Safety boots that come with comfort

Safety is essential, but so is comfort. If a shoe has all the safety measures but fails to make you comfortable at work, it may hinder your work and, thus, increase the risk of injury. Hence, one must choose the correct shoe size that gives a roomier feel and goes well past your ankles. That's why Duradero builds boots that allow you to be safe and comfortable simultaneously! Our fit guide enables you to choose two pairs and send us back the one that doesn't fit quite right. And the best part? It's free shipping both ways! 

  • Safety boots that prevent slips & falls 

While you are at work, it is common to have hardware tools or liquid substances on the floor. This means it is more likely that someone trips or slips, which can result in serious injuries. In such circumstances, one needs safety work boots that ensure slip resistance and are "Duradero" (aka durable) enough for cuts, lacerations, burns, or punctures due to nails or other tools. 

Duradero work boots have a layering system that enhances durability and reliability. The Shock Absorbing Wedge Slip Resistant Outsole holds you in place firmly and eliminates the risk of such injuries. 

  • Safety boots that are shock absorbing

In several workplaces, the job requires workers to work around electrical operations. But shock and vibrations can be caused by several other factors. The impact of such circumstances is higher than expected. At Duradero, we believe preventing wear on your body is just as crucial as preventing wear on your boots. The shock and vibrations caused by impact on the ground can cause joint fatigue. Which is why our sustainable work boots are designed with a long wearing polyurethane outsole and a proprietary shock-absorbing orange midsole that creates a perfect combination of cushioning and shock absorption! 

Finishing touch

Building a brand was our dream. Building a work-centric product that delivers the utmost safety and comfort is our mission. For the doers, the workers, the makers, and the builders, here is a work boot that ensures quality, durability, and value. So be confident knowing that you can wear Duradero boots every day and expose them to the harshest conditions. Remember, it's our job to bring back the sole, and it's free (new sole, insole, laces, and reconditioned leather, along with free shipping both ways) with your original purchase. Ultimately, our work boots will always do their job and keep you on your toes. 

If you want to know more about our brand, visit

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